CKE Eindhoven

Pastoor Petersstraat 180
5612 LW Eindhoven

CKE Eindhoven is a cultural event center located in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands. CKE stands for “Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven” which translates to “Centre for the Arts Eindhoven” in English.

Comprised of the big concert hall, theatre hall, multiple studios and other multifunctional spaces, CKE is a great venue for organizing events, meetings and shows. Hosting multiple cultural events and exhibitions, CKE provides support and resources for artists and performers and offers a platform for the promotion of cultural and artistic activities in the Eindhoven region.

CKE Eindhoven is a non-profit organization and is supported by the municipality of Eindhoven and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The centre has been an important hub for the arts in Eindhoven for over 60 years.