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Toastmasters don’t care about country, religion or gender.
What binds them is the persuit of a better world
through speaking and a responsible leadership.
Everyone is welcome.
And the differences are celebrated.
Quite a nice group of people, right?


Dutch Speech
Dutch Evaluation
English Speech
Englisch Evaluation
French Speech
French Evaluation

Keynotes and Workshops

Presentation Skills


DTM Special
Gala Party
Sunday Special


Jerusalema dance challenge

Conference Agenda

See you soon on Opening Night!

Conference Pricing

The Conference Is On-Line and therefore we have no entrance fees! So why not register here?


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Meet the Conference Team

All the conference roles and the toastmasters that serve you here.

Lucy Sennef

Lucy Sennef

Conference Chair

Lucy coordinates the whole team en the event. She oversees it all. With any question or idea the team has she is the person to go to. We are all members of the team but she is the soul.

Andy Baker

Andy Baker

Contest Chair

Andy orgaizes everything concerning the contests: makes sure all the official roles are appointed and has everything run smoothly. And above that, he inspires a whole district to dance in the parcs of Europe despite of lock down.

Em Ajogbe

Em Ajogbe

Workshop Chair

Em makes sure we have inspiring and high quality workshops. He supports all the workshopleaders and all the roles that are active for the workshops.

Clair Aghassipour

Clair Aghassipour

Entertainment Chair

Clair takes care of the FUN things. Music, dance, singing. You name it, she can find the right persons. Together with our hosts she takes care of making the program entertaining for all of us, even during the pauses.

Maria Rantou

Maria Rantou


Maria fills messages on social media and the newsfeeds on our website with creative content.

Aly van Zalk

Aly van Zalk

Registration Manager

Aly is team secretary, responsible for the event registration and website, assists Andy with his contest administration etc

Arnout Nederpelt

Arnout Nederpelt


Within the District Trio is Arnout responsible for the educational program and therefore the conference is on his agenda.

Marcel Harmsen en Sudhanya Mallick

Marcel Harmsen en Sudhanya Mallick

Conference Hosts

The Conference hosts will guide us through the whole conference program. They will connect all the parts with energy and humor.

So many reasons to join a Toastmaster Conference!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will give here answers to your frequently askeds questions.

What is the location of the conference?

The conference will be online.

Zoom links will be presented with the agenda.

What date will the conference start?

The conference starts on wednesday May 5th 2021 and will last until sunday May 9th 2021

News and Updates

News from the committe and post from social media will appear here

TMxCultures 2021 District 59

Welcome to TMxCultures – the District 59 Conference 2021 page! This year the district conference will take place online and from the 5th to the 9th of May.The contestants can compete in Public Speaking and Evaluation and in three languages : English, French & Dutch (or Flemish). And we have a lot more for you […]

We started!

Here we are, the first message for District Conference D59 2021! Lucy Sennef presents the start of the conference preparations today in the DECM. She will reveal the theme and the website of the conference. Starting with this conference it will be a website in the domain of the district. Meaning that next conference committee […]

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