District 59 Conference Host = A Funny Champion!

Mister Sabyasachi Sengupta is extremely serious when it comes to jobs. Saby was a Business developer for 13 years of experience in the banking sector. Extremely serious but not his passion. Public speaking is one of his biggest passions. Saby is a five times Netherlands speaking champion and also a Toastmasters International European Champion. He is also an Author (“What’s Your Plan B?”), and Keynote speaker.

District 59 committee is proud to announce thatSaby is the District 59 Conference Host for May 5, 6 and 7.

We are sure that he will lead the conference with humor and efficiency, and at worst, he will surely have a “Plan B” to deal with any incidents that could happen.

Discover more information about the conference host in Linkedin.

D59 Gala Host = Super Host Woman!

As a professional Master of Ceremonies, Agnes is back! She will be our gala host for Power Up In Eindhoven 2023! Some of you may remember Agnes Tarnai, DTM as our vivacious, entertaining Emcee for the District 59 Montpellier Spring Event 2022.

Professionally, Agnes coaches professionals to transit into the executive position and to perform at the highest level from day one.

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