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20-21-22 MAY 2022


We are delighted to welcome you to Montpellier for the 2022 District 59 Spring Event, including a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) and informal FunFest of Speech competitions

Join us in Montpellier for Sea, Sand and Toastmasters!

Gala now available for 45€ !

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There is no lack of places to welcome you in Montpellier! Take a look at the offers we have find out for you!

Courtyard by Marriott

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Sea & sand

social activities

Whether you dip your feet in the sea or feel your hair in the wind, you will be amazed by your visit to Montpellier. We have planned the best for you: 360° view from the rooftop on “l’Arbre Blanc”a wonderful bar for Montpellier night life, beach and discovery of local delicacies…

Notice : Social activities are not taken into account in th event ticket. They must be paid in addition of the ticket.

Beach of la grande motte

Lez Rooftop

ARBRE blanc, 360° view

tourism & shopping



Our program is diverse and entertaining, including a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) with workshops and keynote speeches as well as a “fun fest” of informal speeches (humorous and tall tales) to keep you laughing and having fun!

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Boarding on 20/05/2022

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Keynote speakers

Olivia Schofield

Olivia Schofield is an International award-winning speaker, named Top Woman Speaker at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas 2011.

She learnt her craft in the theatre; add a First Class Honours Degree in Communication and Linguistics, and over 20 years experience in production and sales for media companies including the BBC and Thomson Reuters, and you realize she knows exactly what she is talking about….

Siegfried Haack

Siegfried found himself, to his great surprise, selling books door-to-door in the “hot” suburbs of Los-Angeles and, subsequently, promoting, to large French accounts, billboards solar panels from a Chinese manufacturer listed on the NASDAQ! And, he is even more surprised to have done all this in… English, when he had always found excuses not to make the effort to practice the language of Shakespeare…

Workshop leaders


Jeroen Sennef is a peacekeeper with 30 years of experience in conflict resolution negotiation
ranging from the civil war in Yugoslavia till the recent war in Ukraine

W1: Soft skills in hard times

(english workshop)

During this workshop, I’ll be using my 30
years of practical negotiating experience
as a peacekeeper in
conflicts ranging from former Yugoslavia till most recently Ukraine.

Duration: 50 minutes, consisting of a short theoretical introduction of 10 minutes followed by three role-plays of 10 minutes each and ended with a wrap up/take-home of 10 minutes.


As a Gestalt Therapist in Psychotherapy, having lived in 9 countries for 11 years- I know how humans thrive and how we communicate, excel & buy. As a certified Improvisation Practitioner my mission is help good people do good things.

W2: How to be funny

(english workshop)


I am Ilona Ruitenberg, Toastmasters, Speaking Coach and Law Advisor. As a speaking coach I combine simp

le speaking skills with personal delevopment. I am currently Division Director.

W3: The Magic of talking from your centre

(english workshop)

In this workshop I will teach you to speak from your center. Most of the time we are in our head bubbles. We think in structures, worry about little and big things and are not in a flow especially if we have to improvise.

I will show you through simple exercises that when you talk from your center not only your story changes for the better, but you will be more magnetic, clear and present.

Katherine PARVIS

Equipped with her Toastmasters’s experience, she now helps other women invest and achieve financial freedom, through real estate consulting and workshops.

W4: Become Hybrid Savvy, Hybrid meeting Tips and Tricks

(english workshop)

Takeaways/learning objectives:

  1. Do’s and don’ts of hybrid meetings
  2. List of helpful tools, applications and techniques
  3. Role of Zoommaster

 Interactive techniques:

  1. Q&A / discussion

Abdallah HASSANI

Abdallah loves to share his learning experiences. Lately he discovered a low hanging fruit for every Toastmaster: Stand-up. When he gave a humorous speech, Séverine his VPE recommended him Barbes Comedy Club in Paris.

W5: Why Toastmasters should try Stand-Up Comedy?

(english workshop)


Pierre Li Cavoli help professionals and individuals develop their public speaking and leadership skills by combining training and coaching.

W6: The art of meeting

(french workshop)


Coming from an environment where things were better left unsaid, I strongly believe effective communication is power and influence. Most importantly, it is accessible to all of us !

W7: Scars are Sexy

(english workshop)


Today entrepreneur, coming from computer development and research in AI, I work on a digital platform that will offer a whole new experience.

W8: The power of small victories

(french workshop)


Alvin is a Sports Coach, specialised in Boxing. He is himself a keen participant in boxing contests.  His activity in coaching managers and busy professionals has increased since the pandemic, and today he will share how boxing can be the perfect way for you to channel your energy, destress, and get ready to step confidently on stage.

W9: The Art of Performance on Stage: physical preparation for mental excellence

(french & english workshop)

What is your physical preparation for an excellent delivery on stage?  Alvin is a boxing coach, and will initiate you into some easy to master physical preparation techniques to get your ready for your perfect speech (and for the Gala dinner).  The workshop will take place in English AND French and will be easy to follow for non English speakers.  Do you dare to step into the ring?


Former Sportsman and Mental Trainer, Hervé has created tools with and for top athletes, which he puts at the service of everyone today. He followed many teams and many champions or future champions.

W11: "Energy"

(english workshop)

Eric BAH

Eric practices efficiençologie, the science of efficiency, the ability to provide the best performance while remaining relaxed in the cortex.

W12: The Opening of the Speech

(french workshop)


Olivia is an international award winning keynote speaker. She is dedicated to helping professional men and women develop their presentation and public speaking skills, their executive presence and their ability to inspire as leaders.

W13: The Power of the Voice

(english workshop)

Marie Dominique QUILICI

Psychosociologist, speaker and consultant.
She has been passionate about and specialized for more than 20 years in
the effectiveness of the relationship with others in tense situations. 

W14: Improvise like a boss

(french workshop)

About Montpellier

“Terre du Sud”, an authentic destination,  full of character, Montpellier is the ideal place to stay to discover nature, landscapes with grandiose scenery, the Camargue, the Gorges de l’Hérault, the seaside, the Pic Saint Loup …

It is also the starting point for your discovery of near by picturesque towns and villages and major Unesco sites, where history and culture mingle for an exceptional stay.

Whether you are looking for an urban getaway, nature, daring or simply good times to share, let yourself be surprised by the Mediterranean atmosphere and the thousand and one gems of the destination.

Montpellier is a Mediterranean crossroads, a destination of character and exception. It is a city with medieval origins with city center narrow passages, the Place de la Comédie, the Faculty of Medicine, or the royal square of Peyrou, which seduce visitors from all over the world. It is also a modern metropolis, open to state of the art architecture, science, contemporary culture and leisure.

But Montpellier also has many other advantages. A well preserved territory, composed of varied landscapes ranging from the sea at only 11km away, to vineyards and mountains. A typically Mediterranean sweetness of life. Sun-drenched gastronomy and wines. Exceptional cultural and sporting events…

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