Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m a keynote speaker, executive coach and presentation skills trainer.

When I was young, due to my speech difficulties, I couldn’t express myself with words, I focused instead on expressing myself through movement. I trained as a dancer in England’s top dance academy, The ‘London School of Contemporary Dance,’ A highlight was performing with Rudolph Nureyev at the Royal Opera House for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, quite a contrast to a later job as a circus performer in a Mexican Circus!

My speech impediment put an end to my dream to make the shift from dancer to actor. After taking a degree in Communication and Linguistics, I joined the BBC… this time I was behind the camera. I worked in media companies for twenty years, learning about camera craft, messaging, dealing with difficult clients and getting the best out of performers and production teams. I worked closely with celebrities like Goldie Hawn, we shared a carrot juice using the same straw, I’ll never forget it.

The thrill of the stage never disappeared. In 2010, now living in Berlin, a friend took me to a public speaking club. I only went to meet some new people. It was the start of a journey of discovery – exploring my voice and with it my value. I ended up on stage in Las Vegas, in front of an audience of 2000 expressing myself …with WORDS….. It was the final of the World Championship of Public Speaking, and I, the girl with the speech defect and all the scars that came with it, the sole woman to make it to the final.

I had found my true calling in life. On the stage again, but different.

An actor is an expert at being someone else.
A speaker is an expert at being themselves.

My journey proves our biggest asset is ourselves, defects and all… and our biggest liability… believing in our limitations. Instead of trying to fit in, we need to stand out and own who we are. To be authentic, vulnerable, transparent as speakers, as leaders, as people.


Me a story

What are you trying to bring to others ?

Now I help others be themselves. I help them use presence, presentation skills and persuasion to lead their businesses and spread their ideas.


Thanks to Toastmasters, what has changed in your life ?

I have embarked on a whole new career as a Speaker and Coach, this would never have happened without Toastmasters, The feedback, support, and encouragement I received helped me find the confidence to build my business and leave a career in the TV world for a whole new arena. Toastmasters have also given me professional bookings, either through recommending me or by booking me to speak and give workshops in the companies where they work.

I have an international family that I can call upon wherever I am in the world and know I will get love and assistance. Even if my car had broken down! I know I could find a friendly Toastmaster with the knowledge to help me out of a tight spot. It works both ways, often when I travel for work I visit a club, for instance in Dubai , Switzerland, or America, to give back as much as I can. 



 What will you present to the audience at the spring conference?

I will be delivering the Saturday Keynote and a workshop on Sunday. But more than that I will be available should anyone want to ask me anything related to speeches, Toastmaster Competitions, Going pro, Leadership, Work related difficulties. I’m there for you.


Your favorite quote ?

” Catch On fire with enthusiasm and people will come form miles to watch you burn. “
By John Wesley born 1703. It may be an old quote but it’s still so valid today.

And of course my own quote…
” Actors are experts at being someone else, Speakers are experts at being themselves. “


Your current event ?

We run a 2 day course in Berlin once a year.  It’s very intimate and will change the way you speak for ever. 12 participants and 4 World Class Trainers. All of us met in Toastmasters and started our professional careers at the same time. You may know them…..  We still have 3 places left. You can check it out on https://spectacularspeaking.com



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