This year in Eindhoven, you will get to witness all six contests organised by District 59. Each of our divisions will send their best speakers to  the District level. Toastmasters enthusiasts from the sunny Mediteranean beaches of France through Belgium’s ale scented clubs, embracing Luxembourg and the golden peaks of Monaco, all the way to the North Sea melody of the Dutch shores will come together to see what’s about to happen.

The crème de la crème of all French discourse masters who win their division contest will compete at the French Speech Contest to determine who’s the most eloquent of them all. Our kaleidoscope of Dutch speakers will show their prowess in the Dutch Speech Contest. From the most imaginative Toastmasters we will hear Tall Tales in English, Dutch and French, and you will be blown away by their incredible stories that might or might not be true. It will certainly be something unheard of. And last but not least, the International Speech Contest will select our District’s representative who then only has to win three more rounds—Regional, Semifinals and Finals—to be crowned Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking in the Bahamas in August. So, pack your bags and get ready to power up in Eindhoven!

For more information on the contests, please refer to the following links to the Toastmasters International website that has a rulebook with details on all possible Toastmasters contests in English and French. Sorry, no official Dutch translations yet.

2022-2023 Speech Contest Rulebook

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