By Kate Parvis, Toastmasters Agora 75, blogger-in-chief for the D59 2023 Conference

Eindhoven is known for more than eggheads and light bulbs. The city is brimming with culture and teaming with technology.

Get cultivated:

Visit the Van Abbemuseum, fantastic museum of modern art. Fun fact: the museum offers special 3D exhibits that can be touched as well as braille explanations to allow the visually impaired to enjoy normally inaccessible paintings.

Attend a performance at the Muziekgebouw concert hall. For example, “Liberté” by the Dutch Bach society on May 5 and the “50 for the Future” weekend from May 4 to 7, with 50 new compositions for string quartet.

Take a selfie at the Evoluon, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Eindhoven (the city’s “flying saucer”). Go inside and eat at the new Bar-Brasserie Next, and explore the world of the future through art, films and media at the Retro Future exhibit

Visit the DAF Museum, dedicated to the history of the Dutch Automobile Factory (DAF), showcasing the company’s vehicles and other artefacts from its history. This intriguing museum is an automobile buff’s dream come true!

Visit the open-air Eindhoven Museum, a great place to learn about Eindhoven life in ages past, back to the Middle Ages.

Get psyched:

Philips Stadium: Home to PSV Eindhoven, one of the top football clubs in the Netherlands. The PSV Eindhoven museum is located within the enormous Philips stadium and is a must-see for football fans. Even if there’s no game on, you can shop for PSV souvenirs then dine at Ikigaï, the Japanese cuisine hotspot right in the stadium, overlooking the playing field!

Get refreshed:

Explore the Strijp-S neighborhood: This former industrial area is now a creative hub, with a mix of restaurants, shops, and cultural venues, including the Philips Museum and the Design Academy Eindhoven. Visitors to Strijp-S can explore the neighborhood’s vibrant street art, visit its many coffee shops and restaurants, or attend events and exhibitions at its various cultural spaces.

Take advantage of the city’s lively nightlife, with a range of bars, clubs, and cafes to choose from, including the Stratumseind, one of the longest nightlife streets in Europe with over 40 different bars and pubs!

Get relaxed:

Take a stroll in the Genneper Parken, a large park with lakes, woods, and gardens to explore, with hidden ponds, cute wooden bridges, and some picture-perfect old architecture.

Shop at the Het Veem market, a great place to sample local produce and pick up some souvenirs. The market offers a wide variety of local and international cuisine, including street food, artisanal products, and fresh produce. Visitors can enjoy live music and the lively atmosphere of the market.

Take a bike tour in this very bike-friendly city. A guided (or self-guided) bike tour is a great way to see the sights and get a feel for the city’s unique character.

Buy a cool outfit at a vintage shop.

Get educated:

TU/e Campus: A cutting-edge university campus that is home to the brightest minds in technology and innovation.